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ISS Working Group on Somalia

ISS Somali Working Group




Following consultation and discussions with Somali, African and other international scholars, analysts, policy experts and practitioners, and noting the expressed need by a range of international organisations including the United Nations and the African Union for improved research, analysis and policy formulation concerning the Somali region, and recognising the responsibilities of African institutions working on conflict, peace-building and governance to support the efforts of Somalis themselves to address the challenges faced in the Somali region, the Institute for Security Studies has decided to establish a project on the Somali region - the Somali Working Group (SWG).




  • Address current knowledge and analysis gaps on the Somali region and promote a knowledge-based approach to the development of policy alternatives and comprehensive strategies to address the challenges facing the Somali region;

  • Articulate policy alternatives with an African-focused approach;

  • Deliver timely, accurate and relevant research and analysis on the Somali region;

  • Assist and support international organisations, including the United Nations, the African Union and the Arab League, and Somali authorities and organisations through the provision of timely and competent research analysis and policy briefings;

  • Inform, influence and support the national, regional, and international response to conflict drivers and management;

  • Inform and influence the development of policy / tools / standards relating to conflict and its management in Somalia;

  • Promote Somali research and analysis capacities and opportunities for intra-Somali and collaborative international and Somali partnership in research, analysis, and policy formulation.


Code of Conduct


The Working Group will function under the policy of “do no harm”; and will at all times present a fair and impartial picture; members will have the choice of participating in anonymity. The policy briefings and monthly reports will not be attributed to any analyst / researcher but will be an SWG / ISS product.




Will be updated.




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