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Conflict and the post-2015 development agenda: Perspectives from South Africa
28 February 2014

South Africa has an important and respected voice in global policy debates. This derives from its political identity, its economic attributes, and its role in regional and international diplomacy - as well as the unique political experience which has imbued it with a particular moral legitimacy. Furthermore, through its active international role since 1994, it is regarded as a key player in the emergent African order, and a key African actor in the international system.

The shape and content of the new framework for international development after 2015 will be important for future growth and prosperity in Africa. However, the evidence also shows that if the post-2015 framework is to promote effective development in conflict-affected states, it must address the challenges of violence and insecurity. Given South Africa's role on the continent and internationally, it will be an influential actor in defining the shape and content of the post-2015 process - including if and how to include peace and stability in the new framework.

In order to inform and catalyse debate about these issues within the South African policy community, four leading South African organisations and Saferworld have compiled this set of papers on how these issues affect South Africa and the wider continent. The papers are intended to highlight key issues and to stimulate debate about their implications for the post-2015 process.


This briefing is based on contributions written by Fritz Nganje (IGD), Richard Smith (SALO), Gustavo Barros de Carvalho (ACCORD), Showers Mawowa (SALO) and Cheryl Frank (ISS). The executive summary and introduction were prepared by Ivan Campbell and Sunil Suri (Saferworld). The report has also benefited from comments and input provided by Joan Brickhill (SALO) and Hannah Wright (Saferworld).