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Research Handbook on International Law and Terrorism
26 June 2014

This landmark handbook provides a comprehensive overview of all major areas of international counter-terrorism law and practice, both before and after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. The specially commissioned chapters assess how international law addresses terrorism from the perspectives of human rights, the law of armed conflict, the law on use of force, and international criminal law.

With contributions from leading scholars and practitioners, the book addresses the major controversies in the global legal response to terrorism, including the war on terror, drone strikes and targeted killings, torture and renditions, indefinite detention, military trials, UN Security Council measures and sanctions, judicial supervision, the issue of gender, and the role of Islam.

International law scholars and practitioners, as well as government and United Nations legal advisers, will find this an invaluable reference on a complex area of legal inquiry.

Contributor: Anton du Plessis, Managing Director, ISS

Published by Edward Elgar Publishing – Click here to order