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Governing and managing the defence sector
10 February 2011

A well-functioning security sector is recognised as the foundation of any stable and prosperous society. Defence, properly integrated into government-wide security structures, is an essential component of this stability, and also an important tool of foreign policy. The fruit of more than thirty years of professional experience, research and teaching around the world, Governing and Managing the Defence Sector provides a thorough discussion of how to organise and manage so as get the best out of the defence sector, as well as the management of resources and the conduct of military operations. Specific chapters also address intelligence, the making and implementation of national security policy, roles of civilians and the military, and the democratic obligations of transparency and accountability. Throughout, the emphasis is on practical problems and possible solutions, drawn from the author`s wide international experience.

The book is a sequel to Defence Transformation (published in 2000 by the Institute for Security Studies), which was translated into several languages and is used in staff colleges, universities and training institutes in many parts of the world. 

About the author:

David Chuter worked for more than thirty years for the UK government, including spells in international organisations, think tanks, and at the French Ministry of Defence in Paris. He now works as an author, lecturer and independent consultant on security issues. An acknowledged expert on the management of the security sector around the world, Dr Chuter is the author of a number of books and articles. He has been involved with the South African security sector since before the 1994 election, and still teaches regularly in the country