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Policing in peace operations in Africa
26 May 2016

Police have begun to play a much greater role in peace support operations in recent years. The police component supports the development and implementation of peace support operation mandates, yet there are still major gaps in understanding how these components are designed and deployed.

This report draws from comparative research developed by the Training for Peace (TfP) research network. TfP partners investigated the overarching question of whether African Union policing differs from United Nations policing. If there is a difference, is it significant enough to warrant special preparation and training beyond the standard United Nations Police courses that the TfP currently uses for pre-deployment training?

Picture: ©UN Photo/Tobin Jones


The Training for Peace in Africa (TfP) programme is an international capacity-building programme funded and coordinated by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1995. Its primary purpose is to contribute towards capacity building within the broader ambit of peace operations in Africa.