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Volume 22 Number 1
1 March 2013

The first issue of the African Security Review (ASR) for 2013 covers recurring security concerns for Africa, emerging trends, and new developments to track in the coming years. Two feature articles tackle the impact of corruption and crime on two of Africa’s largest economies. Busani Moyo and Emmanuel Ziramba investigate the impact of various types of crime on tourist inflows to South Africa, and Daniel Agbiboa focuses on economic crime in Nigeria. Michael Kluth considers the involvement of the European Union in sub-Saharan Africa, and its shift from stabilisation to deterrence. The concluding articles concentrate on potential security concerns facing South Africa in the coming years. Lindy Heinecken and Henrietta Bwalya examine the issue of compensating military veterans. Charles Warren discusses the issue of shale gas in South Africa, outlining some of the security and environmental implications that may follow the lifting of the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in September 2012.

Romi Sigsworth (Editor)

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