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The search for peace in Eastern DRC: what are the options?
Date: 21 February 2013
Venue: Conference Room, ISS Nairobi

The cycle of violence in Eastern DRC took a dramatic turn with the emergence of the Mouvement du 23-Mars (M23) rebel group in April 2012. For a region that has, since 1996, witnessed the death of millions and the displacement of thousands in a spate of armed conflicts, the escalation of violence by M23 raises questions about the numerous international interventions and the role of the multi-billion dollar UN mission in the DRC (MONUSCO).

This seminar will examine, among others, factors that have made peace elusive in Eastern DRC, the inadequacies of regional and international interventions, and policy options to bring about peace and stability in the Great Lakes broadly.

Chair: Emmanuel Kisiangani, Senior Researcher, Institute for Security Studies

Speaker: Prof Koen Vlassenroot, Director of the Conflict Research Group (University of Ghent) and Director of l’Observatoire de l’Afrique

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