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South Sudan and regional geopolitics: Options for democratic stability and peace
Date: 19 February 2014
Time: 10h00 - 12h30
Venue: Conference Room, ISS Nairobi

The violence pitting forces loyal to President Salva Kiir against a loose coalition of army defectors and ethnic militia ostensibly headed by former Vice President Dr Riek Machar epitomizes deeply rooted structural challenges in South Sudan. The conflict not only threatens to unravel Africa’s newest state but also raises concerns about regional geopolitics.

Now that a cease-fire agreement has been signed and further talks organised to end the political impasse, will it lead to democratic stability and sustainable peace? And what effect would instability in South Sudan have on neighbouring countries?

This seminar will examine the recent violence in South Sudan and its implications for the region. The roles of regional and international actors in consolidating stability and durable peace will also be explored.




Chair: Dr Paul Simon Handy, Head, Conflict Prevention and Risk Analysis Division, ISS Pretoria


  • Amb Mahboud M Maalim, Executive Secretary, IGAD
  • Amb Majok Guandong, South Sudan Ambassador to Kenya
  • Lam Tungwar Kueigwong, Deputy Chairperson, South Sudan Peace Coalition

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This event is made possible through funding provided by the members of the ISS Partnership Forum: Governments of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the USA.
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