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Providing proof: the future of nuclear disarmament?
Date: 28 April 2016
Time: 10h30 - 13h00
Venue: Conference room, ISS Pretoria, Block C, Brooklyn Court, map

Seventy years ago, after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, states agreed to find ways of eliminating weapons of mass destruction. Yet the world is still deeply divided over how to achieve this goal, how to ensure nuclear disarmament is enforceable and how to verify that countries with nuclear weapons have actually disarmed.

This roundtable will discuss the tools, techniques and procedures for nuclear disarmament verification. Andreas Persbo, Executive Director of the Verification Research, Training and Information Centre will share his views on how nuclear disarmament can be verified through multilateral arrangements, the opportunities and challenges presented by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s participation in nuclear disarmament verification, and how stakeholders can build capacity to engage on this issue.

Chair: Noel Stott, Senior Research Fellow, ISS

Speaker: Andreas Persbo, Executive Director, Verification Research, Training and Information Centre, London

This event is made possible with funding from the Royal Norwegian Government. The ISS is also grateful for support from the following members of the ISS Partnership Forum: governments of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the USA.
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Block C
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