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Peacekeeping in Africa and the Pacific: perspectives on the role of the UN Security Council and small arms
Date: 27 September 2013
Time: 09h30 - 11h30
Venue: Conference room, ISS Pretoria

Australia and South Africa play key roles in peacekeeping and peacebuilding operations in the Asia-Pacific and Africa respectively as direct contributors and through multilateral bodies such as the UN Security Council and the African Union (AU).

During the month of September, Australia holds the Presidency of the UN Security Council, the centrepiece of which will be a high level event on small arms on 26 September in New York. This issue is especially relevant in Africa where small arms and light weapons have been used in conflict zones with devastating consequences. A particular focus during the month will be the role of women in peace and security.

Australia’s involvement in peacekeeping missions in the Asia-Pacific, such as the decade-long peacebuilding mission in the Solomon Islands, is an example of a mission that is transitioning to the final phase of handing over responsibility to the national government. Lessons can be learned from Australia’s involvement, which has progressed from a military-focused peacekeeping role to a policing and capacity building operation.

Chair: Ben Coetzee, Programme Manager, Arms Management Programme, ISS Pretoria


  • Graeme Wilson, Australia’s High Commissioner to South Africa will speak on Australia and peacekeeping: views from the UNSC and lessons learned from the Asia-Pacific.
  • Andre Roux, Senior Researcher, Conflict Management and Peacebuilding Division, ISS Pretoria will speak on peacekeeping and the lessons learned in Africa.
  • Nelson Alusala, UN Group of Experts on DRC will speak on peacekeeping in the context of the current arms control situation in the DRC.

Please note: For all ISS events, specific permission must be sought from the speaker(s) concerned before anything they said can be quoted, unless indicated otherwise.

This event is made possible through funding provided by the The High Commission of Australia in South Africa. The ISS is also grateful for the support of the following core partners: the governments of Norway, Sweden, Australia and Denmark.
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