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OA and ISS Seminar, Pretoria: Towards an Integrated Maritime Security Strategy: The Issue of Piracy in East Africa
Date: 20 September 2011
Venue: , ISS Seminar Room, Block C, Brooklyn Court, 361 Veale Street, New Muckleneuk, (Parking in Brooklyn Mall and ABSA Court)


Presented by the Observatoire de l`Afrique (OA) and the Peace Missions Programme (PMP), ISS

The continued absence of political order in Somalia has resulted in a significant escalation in the number of pirate attacks taking place off the East coast of Africa. The decease in maritime security in the area has major implications for the security of sailors, passengers, for cargo on ships in the area and for global trade - with losses estimated at billions of dollars annually.

Somali piracy is fast becoming a high priority on the international security agenda, with actors calling for an integrated and comprehensive strategy to confront this issue. The nature of piracy off the east coast of Africa is however such that it creates a range of issues impacting African and international actors in various ways. It therefore stands to reason that different actors will prioritize different aspects of the strategy when combating piracy.

The overarching objective of this seminar will therefore be to identify how various African countries, economic networks and international actors are dealing with the issue. This is an essential step in identifying the best way forward for building an African integrated maritime strategy to combat piracy.

The seminar will be comprised of 3 sessions. The first session will discuss African maritime security, the second session will focus on foreign anti-piracy initiatives off the East Coast of Africa and the third and final session will outline ways of improving international anti-piracy collaboration.

Session 1: African maritime security


  • Capt. (SAN) Johan Potgieter (rtd), Senior Researcher, 
Peace Missions Programme, ISS Pretoria


  • Ms. Lisa Otto – Intern, African Conflict Prevention Programme, ISS Pretoria
  • Prof. Thean Potgieter, Former Director Centre for Military Studies (CEMIS)

Session 2: Foreign anti-piracy initiatives off the east coast of Africa


  • Capt. (USN) John Arbter, Naval Attache, Embassy of the United States of America


  • Admiral Nils Wang, Rear Admiral of the Danish Fleet


  • Mr. Nils Jansons, Deputy Head of Delegation, Delegation of the European Union to South Africa

Session 3: Improving international anti-piracy collaboration


  • Mr. Sabelo Gumedze, Senior Researcher, Security Sector Governance Programme, ISS Pretoria


  • Mr. Helmoed-Romer Heitman, Independent Defence Analyst

Participants are free to use the information presented, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed without his/her express permission.

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ISS Seminar Room
Block C, Brooklyn Court
361 Veale Street
New Muckleneuk
(Parking in Brooklyn Mall and ABSA Court)

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