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Justice, corruption and conflict: in conversation with Michela Wrong
Date: 20 April 2016
Time: 14h00 - 15h30
Venue: Conference room, ISS Pretoria, Block C, Brooklyn Court, map

Award-winning British writer and journalist Michela Wrong will be in conversation with ISS about the relevance of international justice for addressing Africa’s conflicts, donor funding of elections and the state of African writing.

Wrong has covered events across Africa for Reuters, BBC and the Financial Times. She also writes regularly for the Spectator and Foreign Policy magazines.

Her first non-fiction book, In the Footsteps of Mr Kurtz tracked the rise and fall of Mobutu Sese Seko. I Didn’t Do It for You focused on Eritrea and It’s Our Turn to Eat told the story of John Githongo, a Kenyan anti-corruption tsar turned whistle-blower.

Last year she published her first novel Borderlines, which is set in the Horn of Africa in the wake of a bitter border dispute. Join the ISS for an informal discussion with Wrong who will answer questions about her work and writing on Africa.

Chair: Stephanie Wolters, Division Head, Conflict Prevention and Risk Analysis Division

Speaker: Michela Wrong, author

The ISS is grateful for support from the following members of the ISS Partnership Forum: the governments of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the USA.
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