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ISS Seminar, Addis Ababa: Opposition parties in Africa and their quest for power
Date: 9 November 2010
Venue: Hilton Hotel, Ball Room II, Addis Ababa




Hosted by The African Human Security Initiative Secretariat at the Institute for Security Studies and the Hanns Seidel Foundation

This seminar intends to highlight the case of opposition parties in Africa and their quest for power. This is imperative in the light of the recent AU Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance that places emphasis on peaceful power alternation means.  It is against this background that the African Human Security Initiative and the Hanns Seidel Foundation are hosting the final Human Security Dialogue Forum to raise awareness of the need for non-violent dialogue on power contestation.

Elections have become major sources of conflict in Africa with serious implications for human security.  Across all the regions, electoral violence has become a long standing phenomenon that occurs in many forms: harassment, assault, intimidation of candidates, election workers and voters, rioting, destruction of property and looting and much of this violence has to do with the fight for inclusion by opposition parties. Electoral violence is characterised by controversies and disputes that tend to simmer during election time and this results in a diversion of development resources. The net effect is that it becomes difficult to consolidate democracy when the one act that is supposed to be a key feature of the democratic game [elections] is the very same one that triggers anxieties and suffering and poses a major security threat. This seminar will thus discuss the experience of opposition parties across Africa and especially in one party dominant states and the emergence of opposition parties within such ruling parties.

At the forum, presentations will be made by Dr. Lansana Gberie, Dr. Issaka Souare, and Prof Mpho Molomo the University of Botswana. The intention will be to continue with the sensitization of politicians and policy makers to the need to pay closer attention to the quest for power by opposition parties.

Please confirm your participation and do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Hilton Hotel
Ball Room II
Addis Ababa
Beakal on Tel. 011 372 1154/5/6  or Dr. Annie Barbara Chikwanha
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