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ISS/EAPCCO Expert Meeting: Protocol on Cattle Rustling
Date: 3 August 2009 - 30 November -0001

ISS/EAPCCO Expert Meeting: Overview of CAP 357 of the Laws of the Republic of Kenya, Rules of Procedure for Electronic Livestock Identification and Traceability System (ELITS) and Compiling of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on ELITS
Nairobi, 3-4 August 2009


Closed event - by invitation only


Hosted by the Mifugo Project, ISS Nairobi Office and EAPCCO


Protocol on Cattle Rustling


Article 6 of the Protocol for the Prevention, Combating and Eradication of Cattle Rustling in Eastern Africa outlines the establishment and implementation of minimum standards for Livestock Identification and Traceability Systems (LITS).


Stock Branding Act – CAP 357


The government of Kenya enacted ‘Stock Branding Act - CAP 357’ whose objective is ‘to make provision for the registration of brands of stock’. The ACT was first operationalized in 1907 and revised in 1972. Since then there have been new developments in technology in animal identification and traceability and the ACT needs to be updated accordingly.


Expert Meeting


In order to facilitate the review of the ACT, the Departments of Veterinary Services, East African Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO) and the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) is holding a 2-day Expert Meeting of professionals drawn from different livestock disciplines, security sector, EAPCCO and ISS at Hotel La Mada, Nairobi-Kenya.


The primary aim of the meeting will be to review the Stock Branding ACT for the purposes of incorporating and thereafter entrenching a revised up-to-date Livestock (Animal) Identification and Traceability Systems (LITS) ACT.


As a short-term measure before the ACT is enacted and brought into force, the responsible Minister will gazette new Rules and Procedures. The new Rules and Procedures will be complemented by Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs).


Expected Output


The Expert Meeting will initiate the elaboration of a Draft Bill that will eventually become an ACT of Parliament. The ACT will be founded on four broad themes:


  1. Security: Reduced livestock theft; thus, herds of branded stock will be at reduced risk of being stolen because they will be easily identified and recovered;

  2. Disease Control and Surveillance: Enhanced control of livestock diseases; thus, trans-boundary disease incidences which are associated with cattle rustling will be mitigated; and,

  3. Marketing: Enhanced livestock traceability leading to improved marketability of livestock and livestock products e.g. improved quality of hides and skins through use of enhanced identification systems instead of traditional brand marks (hot iron) which damage prime hides and skins parts.


Given that some Member States have no law on Livestock Identification and Traceability, it is hoped that the revised ACT, Rules and Procedures and Standard Operation Procedures can be used to benchmark the development of the same.


Dates: 3 – 4 August 2009
Venue: Hotel La Mada, Nairobi, Kenya


Contact: Ms Augusta Muchai, Tel: +254 20 271 2901; Fax: +254 20 271 2902; Email:


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