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Can we save central Johannesburg? Recommendations from a victim survey
Date: 24 June 2003 - 30 November -0001

Presented by the CRIME AND JUSTICE PROGRAMME Inner Johannesburg produces some of the most frightening violent crime statistics in the country. The area is plagued by drugs, prostitution, high-density housing, and masses of illegal immigrants. What can be done to reclaim the heart of South Africa’s largest city?

Central Johannesburg falls under the jurisdiction of two police station areas: Johannesburg Central and Hillbrow. These two station areas are participating in collaborative research with the ISS to review on an ongoing basis the relationship between crime and enforcement efforts. One part of this study is an annual victim survey, in which 1,300 households are interviewed about their experiences of crime and their opinions of the criminal justice system. The results of this survey have concrete applications to the real problems confronting Johannesburg.

Speakers: Ted Leggett (senior researcher, ISS) will discuss the survey results and recommendations


Johannesburg Area Commissioner Oswald Reddy (formerly commander of Hillbrow police station) will respond to Ted’s presentation, and discuss what the police are doing about crime in the area. (Presentation)

Copies of the Ted Leggett’s recently released ISS monograph, Rainbow Tenement: Crime and Policing in Inner Johannesburg will be distributed at the seminar.

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