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Press Release: The Meeting of the ISS Council
6 November 2006

Press Release: The Meeting of the ISS Council

At its annual meeting in Cape Town on 19 October, the Council of the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) welcomed and endorsed the new status of the Institute as a continental organisation with its head office in Tswane (Pretoria) and with offices in Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Pretoria and Cape Town. Presided over by Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim, former Secretary General of the OAU, and made up of senior figures from Africa and beyond, the Council`s was established to enhance accountability and to provide the ISS with strategic advice.

The Council received detailed activity and financial reports from ISS management and was briefed about the results of a recent survey of external stakeholders. Establishing strong and mutually beneficial links with as wide a range of key role players and stakeholders in Africa remains a key objective of the ISS for the next year. This would include intergovernmental organisations, government departments, NGOs, academic institutions, and agencies responsible for security in Africa. The need to enhance links and interaction with such organizations was stressed by the Council and individual members offered to assist the ISS with this task.

Providing independent and credible research to governments and others on contentious issues such as conflicts, crime, or corruption remains a sensitive issue that sometimes leads to tensions and strained relations. It requires careful management to ensure that such tensions are dealt with in a constructive manner. Council members emphasised the importance of the ISS retaining its independent profile and suggested that the Institute would undermine its own impact and lose the respect in which it is held, if it was seen to tailor its research result to what others would like to see.

The Council was briefed about ISS strategic objectives for the future and about new areas for ISS research. Amongst the objectives for the next year were the further development of “total quality management”, inter-office coordination, and financial sustainability. Council members encouraged the ISS to proceed with its new focus on issues relating to resource extraction in Africa and supported the expansion of activities from the Nairobi and Addis Ababa offices of the ISS.

With the emphasis on the ISS as Pan-African organization, the Council agreed that next year`s Council meeting would be held at the Nairobi or Addis Ababa offices of the ISS.

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6 November 2006