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Press Release: Launch of New ISS Website
3 March 2006

Press Release: Launch of New ISS Website

The ISS website ( is one of the largest of its kind with an average of more than 1.3 million hits per month. During the past month (February 2006) it recorded the highest number of hits ever - 1 451 171 or 619 246 page impressions! The site ranks around 15th on the list of top publishing websites in South Africa (if compared to statistics published on Finance 24 on 21 October 2005). It has grown five-fold over the past two years in terms of number of hits and consistently ranks amongst the top ten on search engines such as Google. Some 3600 users are currently subscribed to the free email alert service for new additions to the website.



The tremendous growth in usage and expansion in content on the site have necessitated the Institute to consider redeveloping the website in order to streamline its navigation and make it more user friendly.

Thanks to a grant by the Conflict and Governance Facility, a project of National Treasury, which is funded by the European Union under the European Programme for Reconstruction and Development, the ISS was able to commission the redevelopment of its website in November 2005.

This project is now nearing completion and we are planning to launch our new website in just over a month – during the first half of April 2006.

The new website is to be a dynamic, database driven website with full content management system using the latest web technology and the aim is to position it as a unique web portal on human security in Africa. The site will feature a vastly improved search function, related links and cross references from all pages, online subscription to and payment of ISS publications, subject-based subscriptions to the free e-mail alert service and a main navigation structure based on the following subject clusters:


Africa Fact Files

Gender and Security

Arms Management and Control

HIV/Aids and Security

Children in Armed Conflict

Organised Crime and Money Laundering

Civil Society and Democracy

Peace Missions

Conflict Early Warning

Private Security

Corruption and Governance

Security Sector Reform

Crime and Criminal Justice


Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration



Further information on the launch will follow during the course of the next few weeks. We look forward to launching a much improved and more user-friendly website in April and welcome your comments and suggestions!