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In memory of Tsegaye Deda Baffa
30 July 2013

The Institute for Security Studies is sad to announce the passing away of our colleague and friend Tsegaye Deda Baffa on 29 July after a short illness. We extend our deepest sympathies to his wife Hanna Mengiste and their two children.

Born on 29 June 1968, Tsegaye dedicated his professional career to policing and capacity building within the police reform sector in Africa. He served in the Ethiopian police for more than 20 years, reaching the rank of Assistant Commissioner of the Federal Police of Ethiopia. Tsegaye was the Director of the Ethiopian Police University College before he joined the ISS in 2009. Over the past four years he became a valued colleague providing expert support, guidance and technical assistance in the field of police training for various ISS projects. These include the Mifugo Project on combatting cattle rustling in East Africa, and the Training for Peace Programme in ISS Nairobi where he was much respected among colleagues and partners.

This year Tsegaye was reassigned to ISS Addis Ababa as a Senior Researcher and Training Coordinator to support the police component of the African Union (AU) Peace Support Operations Division. He played a key role in hosting the successful AU Police Coordination, Consultation and Communication Workshop in February. He was also the lead police officer in the training needs assessment for the African Peace Support Trainers' Association (APSTA).

Tsegaye’s contribution to police reform in Africa extended well beyond practical training and capacity building. He taught at various colleges and universities in Ethiopia, presented papers at national and regional forums, and published widely on the police’s role in peace operations and other current human security issues. When he passed away he was enrolled as a PhD candidate at the University of South Africa. The ISS paper he published in May on the African Standby Force police roster system will contribute to enhancing Africa’s peace operations capacity.

Tsegaye will be sorely missed by colleagues and friends at the ISS.

Anton du Plessis
Acting Executive Director, ISS