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ISS Weekly Issue 128, 2014
28 August 2014
ISS Weekly
28 August 2014
President Sata
King Cobra loses his venom
by Peter Fabricius

President Sata might be gravely ill, but it is unclear who would succeed him, and how this will affect Zambia's future.

Sata's absences have inevitably fuelled the growing speculation that he is gravely - some even say terminally - ill with prostate cancer. Late in June his office announced that he had flown to Israel for a 'working holiday,' but the more likely reason was to receive medical treatment, according to many sources.

ISS Spotlight
ISS to join the World Economic Forum's Think Tank Leaders Forum
The ISS takes Africa's security debate to the global stage as Jakkie Cilliers joins the WEF's Think Tank Leaders Forum.
Press Release
Poverty Reduction
Reducing poverty in Africa: huge potential, but more realistic goals needed
If African states are to collectively eliminate extreme poverty in Africa, the focus should shift from broad-brush targets to more realistic country-level goals.
Crime networks
Crime networks, governance and service delivery in Cape Town and Dakar
Organised criminal networks in Cape Town and Dakar have been able to occupy and exploit gaps left by inadequate local government institutions.
ISS Today
Eliminating poverty in Africa: an appeal for more realistic targets
by Liesl Louw-Vaudran
A blanket approach won't work if extreme poverty is to be eliminated in Africa, finds a new ISS paper.
Nkandla: more obfuscation, still no accountability
by Judith February
President Jacob Zuma's incomplete response to the Public Protector's report on Nkandla still leaves more questions than answers.
Ebola a blow for fragile states on the road to recovery
by Liesl Louw-Vaudran
How will West Africa's fragile post-conflict states bounce back after the Ebola outbreak?
Fighting terrorism in Africa: what can the AU do?
1 September 2014
As the AU PSC convenes to discuss terrorism in Africa, this timely ISS seminar will explore options for a more robust and effective response against this rising threat.
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Poverty launch
Extreme poverty in Africa: can the post-2015 MDGs and Agenda 2063 targets be achieved?
3 September 2014
ISS Executive Director Jakkie Cilliers makes the case for setting aggressive yet realistic targets to reduce poverty in Africa.
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Mozambique's election spoilers? Assessing the impact of former Renamo rebels
4 September 2014
Will the ceasefire in Mozambique hold until the elections? ISS discusses the potentially destabilising role of armed rebels.
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Explaining the upsurge of violence in Kenya and possible solutions
Discussions on rising insecurity in Kenya highlighted the need for community-based approaches in countering violence and radicalisation.
public safety Kenya
Rising insecurity: the need for a public safety hub in Kenya
This roundtable focused on ISS's research findings on crime trends in Kenya, the drivers of crime, and responses.
Poverty reduction
Reducing poverty in Africa: Realistic targets for the post-2015 MDGs and Agenda 2063
by Sara Turner, Jakkie Cilliers and Barry Bughes
Many African countries are unlikely to reduce extreme poverty to below 3% by 2030. This African Futures paper argues that eliminating extreme poverty requires more realistic country-level targets.
Dakar crime
État et dynamique de la situation politique au Burundi
by Yolande Bouka
Présenté jadis comme un exemple de réussite dans la consolidation de la paix, le Burundi vient de vivre une escalade des tensions politiques qui menace la stabilité du pays juste avant les élections générales de 2015.
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PSC 61
Peace and Security Council Report No 61
The August report analyses the tough decisions that the AU faces in the fight against Boko Haram, and discusses the revival of the PSC sub-committee on counter-terrorism.
Poverty reduction
Poverty reduction in Africa, fact or farce?
Jakkie Cilliers looks at the possibility of meeting the post-2015 MDGs and Agenda 2063 goals of reducing extreme poverty.
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The possibility of eliminating African poverty
This video explores the scenarios that will enable Africa to eliminate extreme poverty, based on the African Futures paper 'Reducing poverty in Africa'.
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Explaining the upsurge of violence in Kenya and possible solutions
In this podcast, Kenyan historian and writer, Salah Abdi Sheikh, explains the background to why Kenya is experiencing an increase in violence.
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