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ISS Weekly Issue 127, 2014
21 August 2014
ISS Weekly
21 August 2014
SADC Summit 2014
One step backwards
by Peter Fabricius

At the recent SADC summit, various resolutions and protocols were adopted. Why, then, has it been called 'another hollow summit'?

Was Mozambican President Armando Guebuza being just a tad ironic and mischievous when he congratulated Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on his political longevity at this week’s Southern African Development Community summit in Victoria Falls?

ISS Today
Land reform
The role of land issues in Kenya's rising insecurity
by Sebastian Gatimu
Land issues in Kenya should be addressed meaningfully and conclusively to curb increasing violence and ethnic animosity.
Operation Barkhane
Operation Barkhane: a show of force and political games in the Sahel-Sahara
by Amandine Gnanguênon
The reorganisation of France's military deployment in the Sahel-Sahara is another way to maintain its political, cultural and economic influence in Africa. / La réorganisation du dispositif militaire français dans la région du Sahélo-saharienne est une manière de maintenir son influence politique, culturelle et économique en Afrique.
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Is Ghana becoming a piracy hot spot?
by Barthelemy Blede
Recent attacks prove that no West African country is safe from piracy, and that cooperation between maritime security bodies must be prioritised.
Boko Haram
In the Chibok girls search, Boko Haram is winning the media war
by Liesl Louw-Vaudran
Without better information from Nigeria's government, we're dependent on the media - and Boko Haram.
Reducing poverty in Africa: can the post-2015 MDGs and Agenda 2063 targets be achieved? 26 August 2014
ISS Executive Director Jakkie Cilliers makes the case for setting aggressive yet realistic targets to reduce poverty in Africa.
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Cable theft
Cable theft is strangling SA's economy: can we escape the noose?
26 August 2014
The effects of cable theft on the economy are crippling. ISS asks industry and policing leaders what can be done.
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Chapter 9 Guardians
Democracy needs guardians: strengthening SA's Chapter 9 institutions
28 August 2014
Parliament has yet to properly debate the 2007 report on these essential bodies. This seminar will get the long overdue debate started.
Mozambique's election spoilers? Assessing the impact of former Renamo rebels
4 September 2014
Will the ceasefire in Mozambique hold until the elections? ISS discusses the potentially destabilising role of armed rebels.
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Organised crime
Towards an assessment of organised crime networks as parallel sovereignties
by Erin Torkelson
Criminal networks have become increasingly important actors in governance, and should be viewed as alternative sovereigns that exist alongside the state.
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Dakar crime
A profile of crime markets in Dakar
by Ismaïla Diallo
Ranging from human trafficking to cybercrime, the criminal markets in Senegal's capital city affect the people, institutions and economic prosperity of the entire country.
SA Crime networks
Mapping crime networks in Southern Africa: a new approach
by Charles Goredema
Current perceptions of organised crime are too rigid and narrow. Effectively disrupting organised crime should be informed by a network analysis that transcends national borders.
Transparency, justice and crime
Watch Public Protector Thuli Madonsela and criminal justice experts discuss key issues from the ISS’s 5th international crime conference. Topics include understanding violence, how Marikana is linked to apartheid, and why transparency and accountability matter.
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ISS Opportunity
African Futures Fellowship
The Institute for Security Studies and the Josef Korbel School of International Studies invite African students to apply for the African Futures Fellowship.
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