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ISS Weekly Issue 125, 2014
7 August 2014
ISS Weekly
7 August 2014
Washington consensus: first US-Africa Summit succeeds and more will likely follow

The US-Africa summit represents an important step towards a more equal partnership, which includes peacekeeping initiatives and investment opportunities.

Expressions such as 'historic,' 'turning point,' 'pivotal moment' and the like are considerably overused in diplomatic discourse. So one must take with a large precautionary pinch of salt the gushing assessments by some Washington Africanists that United States President Barack Obama's first US-Africa summit was the biggest milestone in US-African relations since the end of the Cold War.

Press Release
South Africa needs a more accountable prosecution service
A new ISS paper draws from international good practice to argue for creating an independent oversight body to scrutinise the National Prosecuting Authority’s performance.
ISS Today
Obiang Obama
Oiling the wheels of justice
The Obama administration should be promoting greater transparency and justice in Equatorial Guinea, starting at this week's US-Africa summit.
Hear us roar! Young female voters continue the fight for equality
South Africa's female voters refuse to let ongoing challenges of gender inequality, gender-based violence and discrimination hinder their political participation.
Challenges ahead if SA wants to be Africa's military superpower
The envisaged strategy for the South African National Defence Force is a good beginning, but implementing it will require much work, support and funds.
The US-Africa Leadership Summit: what's in it for Africa?
Obama's hopes for Africa's future are inspirational. But how much weight do they carry if governance and human rights issues remain unchanged?
Managing Diversity
Managing Diversity 2014
Application deadline: 15 August 2014
This course explores various types of diversity in African societies and how they can be positively managed to ensure just and peaceful communities.
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Judicial training
National training workshop on terrorism, international and transnational crimes in Rwanda
The Chief Justice expressed his appreciation to the ISS for hosting the training course for prosecutors, police and members of the judiciary in Rwanda.
Voter turnout
Voter participation in the South African elections of 2014
Since 1994, South Africa has seen a steady decline in voter participation. How can this be halted? This policy brief provides recommendations.
Paper 257
Les limites au soutien des interventions dans le secteur de la sécurité en RDC
Tant que les dynamiques politiques locales dans l'Est de la RDC ne seront pas prises en compte, les efforts internationaux pour stabiliser la région ont peu de chances de réussir.
En savoir plus...
Strengthening prosecutorial accountability in South Africa
South Africa has no dedicated oversight and accountability mechanism to scrutinise the country's prosecutors. The paper reviews such mechanisms elsewhere and explores their relevance to the South African context.
Organised crime
Crime networks and governance in Cape Town: the quest for enlightened responses
Solutions to eradicating organised criminal networks in Cape Town should be holistic and acknowledge the underlying context that sustains such networks.
Rapport sur le Conseil de paix et de sécurité 60
Pour les dernières informations et analyses sur le Conseil de paix et de sécurité de l'UA, cette nouvelle version du rapport du CPS a été lancée ce mois-ci en même temps que le nouveau site internet du rapport du CPS.
En savoir plus et accéder au site internet ici.
Abelone trade
The illegal abalone trade in the Western Cape
The illegal abalone trade in Hout Bay is explored as an important case study of a criminal network in Cape Town and the way it impacts on governance.
US-Africa Summit
The US-Africa Leadership Summit: a chance for Obama to make up for lost time?
Stephanie Wolters comments on the first US-Africa summit taking place in Washington this week. / Commentaire de Stephanie Wolters sur les enjeux du Sommet États-Unis/Afrique a Washington cette semaine.
Listen online in English... / Écoutez en ligne en français...
South Sudan
What more can the AU do for South Sudan?
Solomon Dersso looks at the programme of work of the AU Peace and Security Council for August, notably on South Sudan, Libya and the CAR.
Listen on the new PSC report website...
ISS Opportunity
African Futures Fellowship
The Institute for Security Studies and the Josef Korbel School of International Studies invite African students to apply for the African Futures Fellowship.
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